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Video Games Live '08 [Aug. 25th, 2008|04:20 am]
Aya Blue
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I had the opportunity to attend Video Games Live while I was at Gen-Con. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and choir played music from popular video and PC games, new and classic, while images from the game were shown on a big projection screen. My dearest wish was that they would perform Zelda music, and they did not disappoint! *heart*heart*

The music list, which changes show to show, started with a classic Atari and stand-up video game montage, including Pong, Frogger, and Space Invaders. They did a lot of NES games like Metroid, Castlevania, and Mario. There was an acapella audience sing-along to the Mario "do-do-do do-do-DO-doop", and it felt strangely special to participate with hundreds of others that also grew up with that song. ^_^

They also performed music from Halo, WoW, Civilization (I wasn’t familiar with the music, but it was still incredibly beautiful), Lair, Harry Potter, and Kingdom Hearts (happiness!). Martin Leung, an internet sensation, played an amazing medley of Final Fantasy music on the piano.

They held a Guitar Hero contest in the lobby pre-show, and brought the winner up on stage to play along with the orchestra. The challenge was to play “Sweet Emotion” on hard, and score 200,000 points for a big ole’ prize package. The kid said he’d play on expert instead! They projected his game view up on the screen so we could see how he was doing. He was beating the hell out of the game, when he hit pause for a millisecond. I think what then occurred was the orchestra kept playing “Sweet Emotion”, but the kid was off by that millisecond because he started to suck up the end of the song. He didn’t hit the point goal, but it was awesome regardless, and he was awarded the prize. Super cool.

They did “One Winged Angel” as an encore. I was really happy to hear it, but they were showing awful Sephiroth fan-art on the projection screen during the song, and it kind of ruined the experience. I’m going to attend the Final Fantasy concert the next time it comes through town.

I had a great time, and would highly recommend it for video game fanboys and girls (Natalie). The orchestra did a fabulous job, and the show was visually entertaining as well.


[User Picture]From: natastic
2008-08-26 09:15 pm (UTC)
Huh, Wha...? XD
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[User Picture]From: prismkitty
2008-08-27 10:29 pm (UTC)
This is what I regret most about not going to GenCon. That and the FX makeup thing.
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[User Picture]From: dancingcactoid
2008-08-28 07:12 am (UTC)

Dear Friends in Distant Worlds

I went to the FF concerts when they were in Chicago. Very much worth it! Even though there are many FF games I haven't played, the music is so beautiful and moving. And there's so much fun and lightheartedness! Hope you make it the next time it comes around!
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